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Meet the members

The Red Rose Rockets formed in October 2002 and are based around the Preston/Blackpool area of Lancashire although we have team members from all over Lancashire and Greater Manchester.
June 2008 saw the Team split, with 5 members, taking our 1st team,and dogs from our 2nd,and third team, and setting up their own fully trained teams. this left us with a few problems as we had enough to put together 3 teams, but had 4 dogs that had to go last!! 4into 3 will not go, so we have slowly been working on the problem with very good results.Although splitting half way through the season, left us in a difficult position,we have worked together as a team and finished the 2008 season with positive results.we aim to be competitive but most of all have fun; there's no room for blind ambition or individualism in this team, what we achieve we achieve together.

We train weekly at World Horse Welfare Penny Farm, Blackpool (an equine rehabilitation centre) and compete regularly especially throughout the summer where we often spend our weekends all camped together at tournaments as a team, it's not all about the dogs!

Current team members are…

Tracey and Len Titterington (BFA members 1160 & 1161)

Jack Receiving his Gold award

Len & Tracey have been doing flyball since 2001, and in 2002  with Jack  they set up their own team flyball team Red Rose.
Meg is their 3rd Border collie that they have owned and trained to do flyball

Mike & Sandy swarbrick ( BFA members 5524 & 5523)

Sandy and Mike  use to run 4 dogs, but now only run 2 after Poppy and Amy retired from racing. So now Sandy runs Tess and Zoe in our open teams and Mike does our boxloading with out him we couldn't run

Oliver is our Youngest Member and is the Grandson of Sandy & Mike. Oliver is our Ball collector in the ring and we sure cant do without him.Hopefully he will run a dog for us soon.

Gemma Mellow (BFA member 7529)

Gemma joined us in 2014 with Leila who is now retired and lost her other dog Morgan at a very young age, so now only has Dexter  running in open, but has willow learning the ropes in our beginners class before she goes into starters

Helen Poole ( BFA Member 6454) And Dave Sawer (BFA Member 9411)

Helen joined us in 2012 and ran Saffie her mum and dad's dog. Helen has now got her own dog called Isla who is now running in open competition

Bob Haworth and Moss (BFA Member 1140)

Bob Joined us this year 2018 after moving back  to Lancashire. Bob  runs Moss in our open team as start dog . Bob has been in Flyball a lot of years and ran his own team in cleveland before moving back here. His knowledge in flyball is handy to have and his ideas for training help our newbies alot

Lynda Haworth and Layla (BFA Member 1139 )

Lynda is Married to Bob and  ran Layla and Raffy with us this year in our Open team . Both Raffy and Layla have retired from flyball at this time , but Lynda is a very valued member of the team and is always on had to help out or run another dog  if needed.

Susan & Stephen Clamp ( BFA members 10399 & 10398)

Susan & Stephen have been doing flyball since 2017 with Milo. Hopefully in the near future he will be ready for open competitions

Dave & Maria Johnson

Dave and Maria have been with us since 2017 and  Molly is in starters but has won many Rosettes. Molly is coming on very well and is getting over her fear of triggering the box

Chris & Wendy Wrigley

Chris  & Wendy  started with Tess in 2017. Tess has competed in starters  and has won many rosettes

Bethan Campbell

Bethany is one of our youngest members and runs her dog Millie in starters and already has many rosettes to her name


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