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Club Rules

Red Rose Rockets - Club Information, Rules and Regulations

Red Rose Rockets was formed in October 2002, there were seven founding members but due to family commitments and changes in circumstances only two of those founder members remain today who are the sole owners and form the club committee.All equipment remains the property of the sole owners of the club. Those people are Len Titterington (Team Captain), Tracey Titterington. The club has grown in size and stature over the past few years and we currently have a membership of around 20 people, as such the need for care and consideration of all team members is paramount.

New Members
Newcomers attending their first training session are requested to bring their dog, although they will not train, they will be introduced to a team member who will guide them through a training session, explaining what we do and why and what is expected from them and their dog; if they then decide this is something they wish to do then the following week they will come and take part in training. Training is £4.00 per week, if they wish to continue and compete with the team they will then be expected to pay monthly subs of £16 rather than the weekly training fee.

£16 subs are payable at the first training session of the month whether you attend all training sessions or not, as the hire of the equestrian centre, insurance etc still has to be paid regardless as well as the continuing cost of replacing equipment. If you fail to turn up for training on a regular basis and have not paid your subs then after a period of 3 month without payment it will be deemed that you do not wish to carry on and your membership with the team will be cancelled

It is important that members attend training regularly once their dog starts to train with a team for competition so that the team can practice together. Failure to attend training lets the team down and consistently missing training and/or competitions may jeopardise that members place within that team.

Team training takes place once a week, on Wednesdays at 6.20pm
18:10 - 18:20 set up
18:20 - 18:40 Rockets Training
18:40 - 19:00 Beginners
19:00 -19:20 Starters
!9:20 - 19:40 Teams
19:40 - 20:00 Pack up

Please sure your dog/dogs are on a lead when coming into a training class.

At each training session, members are expected to…

· Arrive either 15 mins early to help set up or remain behind at the end to help pack the equipment away.

· Treat the equipment with care and consider the safety of the others and the dogs at all times.

· Maintain control over their dogs to avoid interfering with others training/dogs urinating on equipment/fighting etc.

· Carry disposal bags and pick up after their dogs.

Those members wishing to compete, must first become a member of the BFA (British Flyball Association); please see Len for an application form or you can download one from

Entries are usually sent in around 6-8 weeks before a tournament, if you wish to compete you MUST be able to commit to that date and entry fees MUST be paid at this time; anybody failing to pay before the entry is sent will not be entered at that tournament (there will be no exceptions made). All members that have an e-mail address will receive an e-mail when we are notified of a competition schedule coming out. We would ask that a prompt reply is returned stating availability. Once the schedule has been sent off members will be unable to enter that competition.

All newcomers will start competing within a starter team (provided we have enough starter dogs available); these competitions take place at most summer tournaments and are open to dogs over the age of 12 months but with less than 200 Flyball points. (Points are not awarded for starter competitions)

Once a dog and handler are ready to move onto sanctioned tournament (dogs must be over 18 months old) they will be placed in one of our sanctioned teams. Dogs progressing from Starters will  always start in the bottom team regardless of timings; this is essential for dog and handler to learn passing and for the dog to get experience passing other dogs without too much pressure. Each dog must learn to pass with different dogs so that  they can fit into any position on a team. If  a few dogs are ready to move in to open at the same time then our aim would be to run those dogs as a team as they woould have  run together  in starters . Once competing in sanctioned competition members are expected to purchase team kit from our supplier. When appearing in the ring all team members are expected to wear their kit. It is accepted that in the heat of the moment tempers can flare but members are requested to be courteous to their team members, fellow competitors, judge and ring party at all times.
A dog returning from Injury will be put into a 5 dog team and share a place, until proven fit.

Ring Party

All team members must learn every aspect of ring party duties,and participate regular.

At some summer tournaments the team may camp; members are reminded that they are representatives of the team at all times and therefore expected to abide by the tournament organisers rules and regulations, all camping fees must be paid in advance of the tournament and all team members must expect to provide and cater for themselves.

Should any member have any questions, queries or issues at any time they can contact any member of the committee to discuss. It is club policy that all problems, large or small, be kept out in the open and dealt with quickly.

Once you have attend training sessions on a regular basis,you will be eligible to be come an associate member of the club.
when you have competed in a number of flyball Tournaments your associate membership will be made in to full membership.
This will be at the decretion of the team captains.
If you fail to turn up for training on a regular basis and have not paid your subs then after a period of 3 month without payment it will be deemed that you do not wish to carry on and your membership with the team will be cancelled
If any member leaves the club,it is their responsibility to make sure that they hand back anything belonging to the club, in reasonable time .(ie equipment, club bought uniform etc) failing to return any item of the club will make them liable for the cost of a replacement.


This will be dealt with by the founder members and team captains of the club who will decide, what course of action is to be taken.

To participate in training & competitions all members must sign a waiver form. Failing to sign will not allow you to train or compete.

All dogs take part in training/tournaments at their own risk, and whilst every care is taken, the club or Penny Farm cannot accept responsibility for damage, injury, or loss however caused to dogs, persons or property whilst taking part.

Remember there is no ‘I’ in team!!

Red Rose Rockets

Len and Tracey Titterington  01253 762116
email Len at

rules updated 26 oct 2006


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